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breakfast for your eyes

Well good morning to you too Mr Jeremy Scott, I like your friends Polka Dots.


hand made

Meet Lloyd Kellett, well meet his hands. Why would yo want to meet his hands I hear you ask? Check out his facebook page for some (totally freakin amazing) answers, One Mans Trash. Just another reason you should take a day trip to Newcastle.

man in blue

The roses were almost as lovely as this gentle soul. You can find him at the Olive Tree Markets in Newcastle along with many other treasures.

looking back

Video Games ruined my life.
Lucky I have 2 extra lives.

meet this guy

Say hi to Dan! ‘HI DAN’.
He is a Sydney based photographer, videographer, creative thinker and total babe.
Check out his brilliant work at

Thank me later!

In the jungle

Found this wicked wallpaper at this wicked venue, The Balmain Hotel. Best thing about this place, the interiors were done by 3 guys.

saturday style

Now this is what you call style.

concrete jungle

It is almost as if someone painted this building into the sky.
Sydney CBD

spots, stripes and Swag

As he walked past me I stopped him to tell him he looked amazing. He nodded his head, said ‘Thank you’ politely and carried on his way

concrete jungle

The drama.