Monthly Archives: April 2013

life size

photo copy 3
Have you ever stepped inside a real life size treasure chest?


meet these guys

These three were relentlessly trying to give me a ‘rabbit’ tattoo… Pay special attention to the guy looking ‘heroic’.Check out their work for some good home grown talent.

lets just sit here

…and let the world pass us by.
Sundays in Surry Hills.

more of the locals

The inner west is home to all. The locals is a series of cats, both domestic and strays. They are everywhere and rule the roost.

guest house

There is always room for you in Newtown.

other people’s bright ideas

What I love most about this, besides the fact it is a gigantic lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, is the reflections it creates on the ground. On show now at the Art Gallery of NSW.

working for the man

Spotted at the end of a long days work.

siesta’s, sydney style

Sydney Harbour + Sydney Sunshine = What more could you possibly need to enjoy an afternoon siesta?

real love

Meet the meaning of true love. I was walking down Oxford Street when I spotted this little creature waiting outside a dumpling restaurant in absolute anticipation of its owners return.

forever summer

It is mid April and we are still enjoying the beautiful, warm Sydney sun. What I would do for an eternal summer…