Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sydney Style

Polka dots, cameras and ducky bags- seriously, whats not to love.


It’s a sign

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Colour my world

Rozelle Fruit & Veg… so much colour

Always Open

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, well, Newtown is the suburb that never sleeps. It is weird and wonderful and aways open, to visit and to you.

The Block, Redfern

Not as you know it ..

Abercrombie Street

Evidence of life

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Have you ever been in a garden so beautiful you don’t know where in the universe you are.. go exploring. Wendy Whitely, wife of the amazing Aussie artist, the Late Brett Whitely has created her very own paradise in Lavender Bay, North Sydney.

Its magical.

ditch the witch

Or so he kept chanting…


You know, I give this city a hard time.. I guess some cities i have been to have more of a , well a heart beat when comparing them to Sydney, but one thing this city does have is beauty…everywhere…

room with a view

Anywhere can be a home, and every home deserves a view- carriage works .